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A message from Phil:
September 30, 2009
On Wednesday morning at 0220 hrs. Kathy went into cardiac arrest.  When paramedics arrived she was unresponsive with no pulse.  They Revived her and took her to St. Elizabeth hospital in Lincoln.  It has now been determined that her brain was without oxygen for too long a time (cerebral hypoxia) and there was no chance of recovery.
Kathy left us last night at 7:15.
I never knew I could love someone as much as I loved Kathy.  A very special woman.  I will live on but my life will never be the same. 
Remember these things can happen in an instant.


The service is scheduled for 1 PM, Saturday, October 10, 2009 at Ludvigsens Mortuary in Fremont, 1249 E. 23rd.    Please keep Phil in your prayers. 

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Kathy had 19 years of sobriety last March.  She worked tirelessly in the recovery community during that time and was a friend to all of us that want to recover.  Kathy would want us all to go on, although we will miss her.  She will live on like so many that have gone before us.  Thank you, Kathy and thank you Phil for sharing her with us.
The thing I will remember most about Kathy is her laugh and her great sense of humor.  I also remember watching some great Husker football games with Kathy and Phil and some really fun sing-a-longs.  I am sure that some of you remember those great times too! Kathy knew how to have fun in sobriety and she led the way for those of us that had the pleasure and privilage ot knowing her.  Thanks, Kathy!!!  Rest in Peace  !!!
Your friend and Phil's,