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Jim N.


There will be a Celebration of Life Party for Jim N. (who passed earlyer this week with 42 years Clean) the Party is this Saturday 12-7-13 at The Indian Center 1110 Military Road from 5pm to 10pm....Craig D. will be posting more details soon

Nichols, James E.

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By the Lincoln Journal Star

James E. Nichols, 68, formerly of Springfield, Mo. and was currently residing in Lincoln, died 12-3-2013 after a long illness. James was instrumental in getting NA in the Midwest; he was of service to it's members for 42 years and spoke about it all over the country.

He is survived by his mother, Opal, of Waterloo, Iowa; son, Ron, and his wife, Melva; granddaughter, Ashley of Omaha; seven sisters; and his good friend, Ed Strachan of Lincoln.

Services for James will be held at a later date and family will direct memorials.