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Jennifer Lyn Wettstead


Age 44 of Lincoln NE passed away on Nov.6 2014.

She was born in York, NE May 18, 1970 to Bill and Beverly(Slaughter) Wettstead, eight minutes after her twin sister Amy.

Jennifer grew up in Crete. She was active on the swim team, participated in track and Sokol gymnastics. She was an excellent roller skater, music lover and dancer. She had a great interest in fashion, always keeping up on the latest trends.

Jennifer enjoyed home decorating as well as outdoor landscaping projects, always helping her Dad out in the yard whenever she could.

Her outgoing and friendly nature brought her a host of friends, she never met a stranger, only a new friend waiting to be introduced.

She had such a generous spirit, always thinking of others. She quite literally would give you the shirt off her back if she thought you needed it.

She was very well read and had a large collection of books. Jennifer had a love of car shows spending time with her Dad admiring the custom cars and hot rods.

She received her GED in Crete. She went to school for heavy equipment operation, getting her certificate of achievement at the completion of the course.

She was involved in a serious car accident in 1995, sustaining many injuries including a broken back. Extremely lucky to be alive, she spent many months recuperating in a back brace. She was a trooper, pulling through. However she was disabled from then on, limiting her ability to work.

She was a long time member of Alcoholics Anonymous. She proudly received many medallions over the years. Sadly this was a continuous struggle throughout her life. Jennifer fought off her demons as long as she could. Her spirit flies free now.

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